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Technical inspection station, registration, value estimation, attests, calibration of the tachograph, keeping a boat and a caravan in the open and in the indoor space.

Ikarplast was founded in 1947 as a mechanic workshop, forming a part of a local transportation company. The workshop used parts of various trucks and buses to construct complete, ready–to–use vehicles.

Market development induced specialization of Ikarplast in production of refrigeration chambers (thermo-isolation). In former Yugoslavia, Ikarplast was the first and almost the only company to produce thermo- isolation. Nowadays, we can offer high quality refrigeration chambers in accordance with individual requests of our customers. At the end of the seventies, a department for technical control of vehicles was set-up and has been successfully working since.

Because of the area's strategic orientation towards tourism, Ikarplast was influenced to start working with the ship storage on land, vessels' maintenance and repairs.

The production has been separated since 2006 in a daughter company Europlast Ltd. which offers top quality refrigeration chambers, boat repairs, as a subcontractor makes polyester elements of boats (casting hull, deck and other elements) and makes various objects out of fiberglass by the requirements of the client (eg lighting columns).

In 2010, "IKARPLAST" conducted transformation from the joint stock Company into a company with limited liability.

We thank you in advance for your trust.

Production of refrigeration chambers

The production has been separated since 2006 in a separate daughter company Europlast Ltd. Apart from top – notch refrigeration chambers, Europlast Ltd. manufactures various items of fiberglass (polyester) according to the demands of its clients.

Isothermal chambers are manufactured as upgrades on the chassis of vehicles that transport various produces (meat, dairy products, bread, fruit and vegetables, fish, shellfish...). Today, the market asks for isothermal insulation in vehicles of smaller volumes, typically 12 m3. We work according to the customer's specifications and we are more than ready to oblige to any of the special requirements customer might have, whether it's the size, shelves, various compartments, water tank (for transport of fresh fish), different thickness of insulation (depending on the required temperature), etc. In short, we allow the customer to design a product that best suites his needs by providing him with full technical support.

Ship storage


Čuvanje plovila na otvorenom prostoru i u zatvorenim halama. U cijenu zimovanja uključeno je pranje broda pri izlasku iz mora, čuvanje baterija zimi u skladištu, te čišćenje i pranje broda prije ulaska u more. Na zahtjev vršimo popravke i servis.


Vessels' storage in an open space and in the warehouses. Except storage the price includes vessel cleaning/washing on arrival and before returning to the sea and storing the accumulators during winter period in the warehouse of the company. At a client’s request mending of the vessels is available.


Bootsueberwinterung in einem geoffneten und geschlossenen Raum. Im Preis der ueberwinterung sind inbegriffen: Bootswaschen / Reinigung bei dem Ausgang aus dem Meer, Bewachung der Batterien im Lager im winter, Reinigung und Bootswaschen vor dem Zuruecklegen ins Meer. Nach dem Ansprueche gibt es auch Moeglichkeit der Instandsetzung und der Kundendienst.


Deposito navale aperto e in magazzino. Il prezzo e compresso di lavaggio in arrivo, custodia di batteria e lavaggio prima della partenza. Assistenza e riparazioni a richiesta.


Address: Kotorska 21, 51260 Crikvenica

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Technical inspection station Phone/Fax: +385 51 781 089

Director: Blaženko Odak

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